In addition to the resolution above, a number of State Guard officials inquired about how to form a unit in their communities.  Also, the State Guard Association approved two $300 Summer Training Grants for exceptional ACA Cadets. 

 The American Cadet Alliance serves young men and women age 12-18 who are Naval Cadets, Marine Cadets and Army Cadets in hometown units nationwide.  Much like a National Guardsman, the Cadets typically train one weekend each month, as well as two weeks during the summer.  All Cadets must be crime-free, drug-free and doing well in school.  The American Cadet Alliance is the 2004 recipient of the Secretary of Defense's Fulcrum Shield Award for Counterdrug Education excellence.

 Much like their colleagues in the State Guard, the officers and adult Non Commissioned Officers of the American Cadet Alliance are non-paid professionals who dedicate their time and resources to instill positive values in America's youth.  The State Guards across the United States, also known as a State Defense Force, are tasked with providing support to their National Guard units with manpower ranging from security forces to medical professionals.   Truly the "Citizen-Soldier," these men and women serve without pay or compensation and subject themselves to state active duty at the direction of the Adjutant General, based on the needs of their community.

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